A Word from the President - Fall 2016

(Translation by Johanne Boucher, trad.A., Montréal)

After our annual general meeting (AGM) last June and after yet another meeting to elect the members of the Board of directors, we have voted for the status quo for the coming year in order to ensure continuity as the Association is facing major changes.

Here is the 2016-2017 Board of directors:

  • Marc Robitaille, president
  • Sonia Robitaille, vice-president
  • Micheline Dussault, secretary
  • Paul Robitaille, treasurer

The other Board members are:

  • Louise Robitaille-Roy
  • Marjolaine Michaud
  • Pierre Robitaille and
  • Florent Robitaille.

We extend our grateful thanks to these dedicated individuals.

This past summer was a busy period for all of us. In August, the Board members, our Commanders, plus a few members involved in the digital transition project, all met for a brainstorming session on the future of our Association. René Robitaille (St-Lambert) facilitated the discussion using a model that was published in the Journal Les Affaires (business newspaper) to help stagnating SMEs grow again.

First, we discussed the current state of affairs: little interest in succeeding to current Board members; slow but steady decline of the membership; information is provided to members but not everyone can access it; limited number of visits to our Website, though it has been revamped; the Familles Robitaille Facebook group seems to be thriving; our financials are sound; we will stop publishing a paper version of our newsletter Les Robitailleries on January 1, 2018, but how can we reach our members who do not have Internet; there are no examples of associations that have successfully implemented changes and no model at the Federation level.

The discussion that ensued, as you will read in the article that reports the results of this exercise, concluded that the need to work with our members and their families in the following manner: via our Facebook group, you can feature your region, the members of your family and their activities, refraining from gossiping, naturally. Maybe a Robitaille relative acted bravely, reached a milestone, had an important business success…

You can judge by yourself how entertaining or informative your story can be, all we want is that we get to know each other better.

In the coming months, we will try and setup lunchtime conferences or talks on various topics. We want to have a dynamic association and it is through your participation that we will achieve our goal.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Your president for 2016-2017,
Marc Robitaille