A Word from the President - Winter 2015

Hello all,

(Translation by Johanne Boucher, trad.A., Montréal)

Dear members,

We are already in the New Year and much has to be done to keep up the momentum and ensure the financial survival of our family association.

From time to time we have said that some of us have, or have had, health problems and that has slowed down some of our projects namely the Web site and the genealogical directory. We must also make sure the association is financially sound and for that we must recruit additional members and reduce our operating costs.

Television programs such as the short reports on families aired on TVA, and Qui es-tu?, aired on CBC-Radio-Canada, spur some interest for genealogical research and because of this, we get questions about the Robitaille ancestry which we are available to answer.

I recently attended a presentation on a genealogy software which offers various ways to create family trees and tables that are easily understandable to the users. We are looking to establish partnerships, on a service exchange basis, with other family associations that would allow us to offer more complete services to our members by having access to other family association’s data banks. This might prove a new way to foster interest within our current membership and even attract new members.

We will continue to explore such possibilities over the course of 2015 in the hope that it can bring a new impulse to our association.


Marc Robitaille, your president 2014-2015