A Word from the President - Fall 2015

Hello one and all,

(Translation by Johanne Boucher, trad.A., Montréal)

Summer took its sweet time arriving, but now it is extending well into September, just like last year!

The Association des familles Robitaille had a busy year nonetheless. Your Board of directors held 6 ordinary meetings, and participated in 5 fairs, festivals and meetings of the Fédération des associations de familles du Québec. Our Annual General Meeting took place

in June in Ste-Marie de Beauce at the Domaine Taschereau Park, on a beautiful day and on an exceptional site where nature and culture meet. Unfortunately, participation was low, but for those who came, it was worth it.

The members of the Board and the commanders strive to plan activities that will attract the greater number while making sure the locations are accessible by those who are less mobile. A number of our members are advanced in years and have physical limitations. One more reason to recruit new members and renew our association. Each year we see family associations fold because there is no one to pick up the baton. We, at the Association des familles Robitaille, are getting ready to embrace social media. We hope to be able to reach out to the younger generations, to adapt to this new reality without jeopardizing our integrity and our members’ best interest. Most of us have learned to use the Internet, and will learn to use Facebook and various other networks.

The Association des familles Robitaille has to move into the digital world over the next few years and we will do our best to minimize the constraints to our members. Please, do not hesitate to share your comments, ideas, and suggestions with us. We always welcome them.


I wish you all a nice fall season and I hope to have an opportunity to read your emails or meet you in person.


Marc Robitaille, your president 2014-2015