A Word from the President - Fall 2017

(Translated by Johanne Boucher, trad. A., Montréal)


Dear members,

The Holiday Season is already upon us and shopkeepers do all they can to attract us. But, this season should be a time for everyone to celebrate with relatives and remember good times spent together without being too nostalgic about it all.

It is when visiting with family members and dear friends that we are reminded of the joy of life. It is also an opportunity to talk about the Robitaille family association and expand your network of relatives throughout America and Europe. Your Association needs to recruit more members and it is often by talking to one another that we can attract new members.

All through this year, we have been communicating with you via the newsletter Les Robitailleries and other information letters which were not published as often as we had hoped. We also have to adapt to new means of reaching our membership and this is why we use Facebook to relay information. To receive our Facebook posts, please join the group called “Association des familles Robitaille” at www.facebook.com/groups/famillesrobitaille/.

We also have started digitizing our old issues of Les Robitailleries and posting them on our website. The first 15 issues are already online and more will be added throughout 2018. Visit www.robitaille.org regularly for updates. Preparing the newsletter for the online platform means we need to take the time to correct spelling errors and other basic info and sometimes modify the photographs. We have found a number of original photographs that are now used to replace the ones previously published in order to have better results.

The members of the Board of directors and the Commanders of the Association wish you all a Happy Holidays.

Peace and Good Health for everyone in 2018!

Your president,
Marc Robitaille