A Word from the President - Spring 2013

Dear members,

Winter has melted away and left enough room for spring to take over. The sun shines more often and our days are getting warmer, inviting us to spend more time outside.

All the while, the members of your Board of directors were busy preparing exciting activities and events to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Association des familles Robitaille. The first activity has already been held in February: a colloquium where

a number of highly interesting conferences were presented (summaries of those conferences are published in this issue of the newsletter). The organisers of this event wish to thank all the members who came to attend this full-day colloquium even if the number of participants was lower than expected.

I invite you to mark your calendar right away and plan to attend the Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday, June 9. The meeting will start at 10 am in the city hall at St-Gilles-de-Lotbinière and we hope to have more attendees than usually. In the afternoon, a theatre company, Dans le temps, will perform a musical play entitled Épopée en Nouvelle-France, les Filles du Roy, which recalls  the arrival of the first group of “filles du roy” in New France, 350 years ago. Remember that in that group of young ladies was Marguerite Buletez, who married Jean Robitaille. This musical play is opened to the public, so you may want to hurry to get your tickets from one of the directors of the Association or by sending in your reply form with your payment.

We have organized a trip to France for next September, to visit the region from which our ancestors originate. The cost may seem high but take the time to read through the program and you will see that the price-to-quality ratio is quite reasonable. Do not wait any longer to book your place and enjoy this trip planned specifically for you, the descendants of the first Robitaille brothers who came to settle in New France.

After 25 years, your Association is at a crossroads. Like other family associations, we realize that it  is  harder and harder to recruit new members and that the number of participants in our activities keeps getting smaller. The directors plan and organize, on a volunteer basis, a variety of events and as I wrote in a previous issue, their only reward is your presence.

This is why I have mandated our Commanders to analyse our current situation and to report to the Board of directors, by next fall, on a vision for the next five years in order to ensure the survival of our Association. It is vital that we turn to an electronic production method for our newsletter and that we start using social medias to reach more of our cousins. We must also look into succession planning as a good number of administrators have been volunteering for numerous years and are ready to make room for new blood. As in our society in general, many are also taking care of sick or ageing friends or relatives. If you have ideas, talent or time, please share it with your Association. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will welcome you on the Board of directors or, if that sounds too involved, as a volunteer for specific projects or events.

Once again, I hope you will attend our AGM on Sunday, June 9, and bring with you members of your family or friends to the meeting and to the afternoon musical show. Until then, I hope that spring will bring joy and good health to you and yours.

Your President, Florent