A Word from the President - Winter 2013

Translated by  Johanne Boucher, trad. a.

Dear members,

25e anniversaire de l'Association des familles RobitailleIf you read these lines, it means that just like me you’ve survived the end of the world scheduled for December 21, 2012 as well as the holiday season. I take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a superb 2013!

In the last issue of Les Robitailleries, I wrote that 2013 would be a milestone year for your Association. Our Commanders and the members of the Board of directors have indeed started planning for a number of exciting activities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the foundation of your Association. Here is a quick look at what will be happening throughout the year:


First, we are organising a symposium on genealogy which will be held on Saturday February 23, 2013. Various speakers will talk about ancestry research and we will have the opportunity to discuss our genealogical directory project and you can share the results of your own research. The second event is planned for June 9, 2013, so please mark your calendar and plan to attend your Association’s annual general assembly. The highlight of that day will be an activity that will celebrate the 350th anniversary of the voyage to New France of the first group of Filles du Roy (the king’s daughters). Finally, a trip to France is being planned for the fall (end of September, beginning of October). More information will be provided on this trip at our events in February and June and also via Les Robitailleries.

I hope that you will be attending our activities along with relatives and friends who are always welcome. Those volunteers who organise these meetings work hard and your presence is their only reward.

The New Year also means it is time to renew your membership. For those of you who have not already done so, I urge you to send your subscription fee and why not offer a subscription to a member of your family? This way you would provide this individual a way to get to know other descendants of Pierre and Jean Robitaille, renew family ties and share stories.

In 2013, we also want to improve our virtual communications. First we need to refresh our Website which has been neglected after we changed Web services supplier. We are also looking at creating an electronic version of Les Robitailleries. We will keep publishing a paper version of the newsletter for those who do not have access to Internet.

Another of our pet projects is the creation of a directory of marriages involving Robitaille family members. Our plan is to set it up by the fall of 2013. More than 10,000 marriages have already been recorded and we want to make this list available to you to help you in your genealogical research. We have also compiled a lot of data on baptisms and burials since the first dyas of the colony but there is much more work to be done before we can make that data available to all. We are always looking for volunteers to key in the data in an Excel file; one needs not be an expert, but simply to be detail-oriented and care for accuracy.

As you can see, we are not short on projects for 2013! I sincerely hope that they will meet your expectations and that you will participate in great number in our events. If you have time to spare and wish to join your Association’s project teams, you will always be most welcome.

Your president,
Florent Robitaille