A Word from the President - Winter 2014

Translated by Johanne Boucher, trad.a., Montréal

Dear members,

On behalf of the Board of directors of your family association, I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year! I also take this opportunity to wish a good year to the Association des familles Robitaille.

2014 will, without a doubt, be a very important year for your family association. It will be a transition year, as numerous changes will come about. We have seen a number of family associations dwindle over the last few years and ours is no different. If we do not act, on the short or medium-term, to change this trend, the future of our Association will be jeopardised.


This is why the Board of directors mandated the Commanders of the Association to prepare a three-year strategic plan. They have met and started the planning process. Ultimately, they will have developed an action plan for approval by the Board. They have already identified four important challenges:

  • Ensure the growth of the Association des familles Robitaille
  • Position the events of the Association des familles Robitaille as socio-familial entertainment activities for the Robitaille families
  • Make sure there is a direct link between the needs of the members and their families, and the services and resources available at the Association
  • Carry out various attractive projects which highlight our family inheritance through genealogy, history and culture.

In order to achieve the goals set out for this year, our Commanders and the directors have created three working groups: Communications, Genealogy and Social events. On the communications front, we plan to move progressively to electronic means of distribution. We believe we can reach out to a larger number of members and potential members by publishing our newsletter in an electronic format, by improving our Website and by using the social media. We will continue to publish a paper version of our newsletter, Les Robitailleries, but will reduce the number of copies and mail it to those members who do not have access to Internet.

The Genealogy project involves compiling a database of close to 10,000 marriages along with thousands of information items on births, from the early colonial days to 1900. We are looking for ways to make all this data available online while taking into account the speed of technological changes. The Association des familles Robitaille will be attending the Salon du patrimoine familial (Family Heritage Show) at Laurier shopping center in Quebec City, from February 21 to 23, 2014. It will be our pleasure to welcome you at our stand to answer your genealogy-related questions.

Last but not least, the Social events working group is looking to organize events that will be attractive for all. The first one will be held in the spring and we hope to see you in great numbers. Read all about it in the next pages. As for the next general assembly, which is planned for Sunday, June 8 2014, you will have all the details in our next issue of Les Robitailleries.

In closing, I want to remind those who have not yet paid their dues for this year, that we hope you will renew your membership. It is through your membership and your participation in our various events that you support your family association and ensure its survival.

If you have suggestions or comments, do not hesitate to contact one of the directors. They want to work with you to fulfil your needs and expectations.

Your president for 2013-2014,

 Florent Robitaille